California Champagne, I’m pissed off.

Well, seems to be my first post in english. For who doesn’t know yet I’m a 25 years old girl living in Scotland. Despite we don’t care about that, I wanted to write regarding the « Californian Champagne » (well, the sparkling wine in fact) wich has been served a few weeks ago at President Obama’s inauguration party. If some of you don’t know what is the matter, here is the post.

Obviously most of the comments was quite angry against those bloody french people who want to be the best for wine… Don’t get me wrong, I’m french but I also consider foreigners wines when they worth it. 

First of all, it’s good to precise that Champagne is not a brand like ‘Kleenex » or whatever as a lot of comments say. Champagne is a french wine, made in « Champagne » (an area in France), with obviously grappes from this area. Champagne is made through an ancestral process called « méthode Champenoise ». Fact. 

Even in France, we can’t call a sparkling wine from another area « Champagne », even if it’s made with the « méthode Champenoise ». Why ? To protect a few centenary of an hard job to get the precious nectar. And I think that’s quite fair. It’s like a patent in a way. When you create something, it’s your right to be protected from abusive imitation. I’m pretty sure everybody could agree with that. 

And I think that’s why some American people don’t understand why we’re being angry when they’re using the name of Champagne for a sparkling wine. It’s not a simple brand, it’s part of our history and heritage. 

I don’t say France should have the monopoly in the wine business, it’s not the case anymore anyway. I’m just saying that we deserve a wee bit of respect for what we did. 

Luckily most of the people still got some common sense and can make the difference between a proper Champagne and a sparkling wine from California. Because yes, there is a difference. And that’s why I’m proud of my country. 


3 réflexions sur “California Champagne, I’m pissed off.

  1. Cécile dit :

    D’accord, mais les licences elles-mêmes n’ont-elles pas une durée légale au delà de laquelle le monopole n’existe plus en droit?

    • craigean dit :

      Aucune idée. Le problème ici en l’occurrence, c’est qu’il existe bel et bien un accord entre la France et les Etats Unis qui ne leur permet plus d’utiliser l’appellation « Champagne ». SAUF qu’il y a une faille et que les producteurs qui utilisaient l’appellation avant 2006 peuvent toujours le faire. C’est une faille dans le droit américain… Cependant ils ont quand même l’obligation de préciser le lieu de production comme par exemple « Champagne de New-York » ou « Champagne de Californie ».

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